Information Technology

Information Technology Department Members

  1. Dr. Breana Mullen, Director of Innovative Technology/Data Protection Officer

  2. Matt Wilbur, Technology Coordinator & A.V./Telecommunications Tech

  3. Robin Masser, Instructional Technology Jr./Sr. High School

  4. Karen Rawden, Instructional Technology Intermediate School

  5. Ken Hill - Sr. CSA Technician

  6. Erik Spahn - Network Analyst

  7. Dee Spiegel - CSA Technician 

Digital Learning Technology Grant

Goal 1:

Establish cohorts of Learning Technology Professionals, focused on the development of digital, personalized learning curriculum and instructional practices.

Goal 2:

Implement a digital platform to support the MTSS process to identify and reduce the impact of COVID-related learning loss via an Early Warning System and Credit/Skill Recovery.

Goal 3:

Increase family/parent voice and engagement by increasing comfort and competence with instructional technology and digital learning.

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Digital Learning Technology Grant