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Dr. Heather Uetz Assistant

Dr. Heather Uetz

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
(315) 483-5207

Over the past several years, Sodus has been committed to the serious work of mapping out our core curriculum for grades K-12. The curriculum has been created to match the New York State Learning Standards. Our goal is to provide high quality learning experiences for all of our students.

Core curriculum is designed to state what we want students to know (content) and to be able to do (skills). It guarantees that all students will receive the same learning experiences and outcomes no matter which teacher they are assigned to.

In order to measure our students’ progress, each curriculum map has a common assessment that will be used at the end of the unit of study. Each of these common assessments has clearly designed grading criteria and exemplars (examples of high quality work) to assure consistency in grading by multiple instructors. Teachers thoughtfully analyze the test performance to identify support for students who are not achieving the learning standards and to plan future instruction. In addition, teachers look at student success and make needed changes that will strengthen our curriculum.
We know that some children may need a little more time or a different style of teaching to be fully engaged in classroom instruction. Each child is an individual with a wide range of abilities, beliefs and experiences. As educators it is our job to help every child be a successful learner. 

Educating the students of our district is a shared responsibility that requires the support of our school community. Working together we will assure that every student in our district will grow to be a responsible, productive, life-long learner.

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