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8th Annual Cracker Box Palace Farm Art Exhibit

The amazing Sodus Art Club has struck again!

These talented students have created a work of art to donate to The 8th Annual Cracker Box Palace Farm Art Exhibit, Riley, Jenna, Emily, Phoebe, Mara, Alison, Millie, Sydney, Joshua, and I. The work will be on display from October 11th thru November 20th benefiting the animals. The art is for sale in silent auction format with bids accepted in person or on their Facebook page where you can keep track of the bidding. Please help support their efforts by bidding high, it is for a good cause!

Cracker Box Palace is a registered non-profit, no kill farm haven in Alton, NY. that serves as the Large Animal Rescue for Wayne County and has an all-volunteer Large Animal Rescue Team. It is a unique place where farm animals of every kind come to recover from illness, neglect or abuse.Once the animals are given necessary adjustment time and veterinary care, some will become available for new people to love through adoption or a foster care program. Some of our animals will never leave us due to their health, age or dispositions and will live their days out on the farm with love and attention from our small army of volunteers and staff.