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Elementary Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure

The Sodus Elementary School has established student drop-off and pick-up procedures for the upcoming school year.  Please be sure to read the entire document as some of our procedures have changed. School security and your child's safety are priorities for us, and it is important that each and every student is supervised and accounted for during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.  The following procedures are designed to adequately address these safety concerns:


8:25am Student Drop-Off

Parents/caregivers and students are always welcome to enter the building prior to 8:25am but please DO NOT drop your student off at the school prior to 8:25am, as there will not be adult supervision until 8:25am. All parents/caregivers must stay with their student until 8:25am. Please note that all students must be brought into the front entrance of the school. Also, vehicles are not allowed to park in the bus lane under any circumstances. All vehicles must park in one of the available parking spots.


Walking Students to Class

We recognize that the first few days of school are a very exciting but can also be a very stressful for students. Due to this, parents/caregivers will be allowed to walk their child to class the first week of school. You will still need to sign in and out with the main office. After the first week, you must say goodbye to your child at the main office. If your child still requires an escort to his/her classroom, the office staff will gladly be that escort.


1:00pm Deadline for Notification of Student Pick-Up and Bus Changes

The school office must be notified of all dismissal time bus changes and student pick-up changes by 1:00pm.  This will give the office staff time to notify your child's teacher of any end of the day changes. Of course, we recognize that emergency situations occur and we will certainly accommodate you in any emergency.


Notification of Early Student Pick-Up for Medical Appointments

If a parent/caregiver needs to pick up their student early from school for an appointment or any other reason, the easiest way is to send the student with a signed note indicating what time they will be picked up. The student will give the note to their teacher, who will in turn give it to the office. If no note is given in advance, a parent/caregiver will need to come to the office a few minutes early to sign the student out. The student will then be called to the office. Please remember that students will not be released to any person other than a parent/caregiver without prior authorization.


3:05pm Dismissal Student Pick-Up

There is always a large amount of traffic in the school building during our dismissal time. It is extremely important that we take extra care to monitor the comings and goings of students and visitors.  Therefore, parents picking up their children from school at dismissal time will be asked to park in the rear parking lot and pick up their child from the cafeteria. Parents will not be allowed anywhere else in the building during this dismissal time. Additionally, in order to ensure our students’ learning is not interrupted, students will no longer be called down to the office prior to 3:00pm, except for when emergency situations occur.


Finally, only parents/caregivers and authorized individuals will be permitted to sign-out a student.  If someone other than the individuals on the authorization list is picking up a student, a signed note by the parent/caregiver MUST be sent in informing the school of this situation.


Thank you for your cooperation as we implement these safeguards!  Please contact the elementary office at 483-5282, if you have any questions or concerns.