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T-daP Vaccination Requirement For Students Who Will Be In 6th Grade THIS Year

The purpose of this communication is to let parents of current 5th grade students know that all students entering sixth grade will need to have the required T-daP vaccination within 14 days of turning 12 in order to attend school in the fall, or attend any summer program this summer.  If your child is already 12 years old, there is a 14 day grace period from the start of summer school or school in September to obtain his or her T-daP vaccination.  If your child is not yet 12, he or she will have 14 days from his or her 12th birthday in order to get the vaccination.  If your child does not get his or her T-daP vaccination within this 14 day period, he or she will not be allowed to continue attending a summer program or school during the school year.  

Getting your 5th grade child their T-daP vaccination now will ensure that he or she is compliant with this requirement. I encourage you to arrange for your child's T-daP vaccination as soon as possible with his or her pediatrician. If you have any question about the T-daP vaccination requirement in effect for this summer for students who will in 6th grade next year, please contact our Intermediate School Nurse, Julie Riviello at 483-5224, or Gene Hoskins at 483-5206.

Thank you!

Gene Hoskins, Intermediate School Principal                          Julie Riviello, R.N., Intermediate School Nurse