• Attending Athletic Events at Sodus


    Per NYS Department of Health guidance, players, coaches, officials, event personnel only.   NO spectators or bus drivers are allowed at the contest.  Wayne County Athletic Association, in conjunction with the FLHSAA, and Section V have developed procedures to assure the safety of all student athletes.


    Teams/officials- General procedures

    • 24 hours prior to the game, the away Athletic Director must provide their roster which should be updated on Rschools.
    • Prior to arriving at Sodus, all athletes/coaches must have their temperatures checked and covid questions taken on the bus. If any coach or athlete that has a temperature over 100° F, or answers “yes” to any f the COVID-19 screening questions, must immediately contact their Athletic Director and Mike Magin at (585) 503-4010
    • Buses should MUST drop off athletes behind the High School.   There is an athletic entrance behind the near the Field House Gym.  See Map below.
    • Upon entering athletes, coaches and officials must wear face masks at all times.  
    • Athletes and coaches will be greeted by the AD/Supervisor at the main entrance and must use the hand-sanitizing station upon entering.  Teams must wait in the foyer for the Supervisor before entering.  If no one is at the entrance when you arrive, please call Mike Magin at (585)503-4010 (c) or (315) 483-5216 (w).
    • The AD/Supervisor will escort the team to the bathroom/locker room and the teams designated cohort area.   
    • Please remind athletes to bring their own water bottles as water foundations will not be out of service.  We will provide a limited amount of bottled water at the game.
    • Any emergencies should be told to the AD/ Supervisor.



    Sodus Players:


    Arrive no earlier than 4:45 (Coach will do Temp. Check and questionnarie )

    1. Enter through Breezeway entrance to Fieldhouse ONLY
    2. Should come to game with uniforms on
    3. JV Team will use FH locker room - Boys side
    4. JV Team will stay in the gym preparing for the game
    5. JV team will use boys locker room at halftime.
    6. JV team will disinfect locker at end of JV game after coach as dismissed team
    7. Sodus athletes must exit using the breezeway exit of the FH gym

    Varsity Players arrive at 5:30 (Coach will do Temp. Check and questionnarie)

    1. Enter through Breezeway entrance to Fieldhouse ONLY
    2. The Player’s/Team may use the boys FH locker room designated for varsity
    3. Players will sit socially distanced across from JV Team in chairs that must not be moved.  Athletes must remain in the same chair the entire time of the JV Game.
    4. Varsity team can take the court after sanitation occurs

    Visiting Team

    The AD/Supervisor will meet the team at the athletic entrance behind the High school.

    1. ALL individuals will Hand Sanitizer as the enter the school
    2. JV Players will be directed to the girls side Locker room.
    3. Var. Player’s will be directed to their assigned seats on the opposite side of the main bench area.   Bags can be placed behind their chair.
    4. 1 Team in the locker room at a time.
    5. At Half-time teams will go to girls FH locker room 
    6. JV team will disinfect area when they are finished


    Varsity Players will sit across from their JV Team socially distanced.

    Visiting team is encouraged to bring their own balls to warm up.

    Visiting team must bring their own water bottles.  Limited water will be provided.

    Scorers table


    1. Disinfectant, gloves, masks, and socially distanced.
      1. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermometer, Clorox wipes, and a disinfectant station will be behind each bench area.
    2. Balls will be disinfected after each quarter by supervisor
    3. Player’s ,Coaches and workers must stay in the seat designated for them.



    Please enter behind the FH gym.  Use the athletic entrance ONLY.

    1. Will be required a Temp. Check and hand sanitizer as entering the building.
    2. Vouchers will have covid questionnaire on back.  Supervisor will collect vouchers.
    3. JV officials may use girls coaches office
    4. Varsity officials will use boys coaches office
    5. No lockers or showers will be available
    6. Bathrooms are located at athletic entrance if needed

                                                  Maintenance crew

    1. Will unlock FH breezeway entrance at 4:30pm
    2. Will unlock Athletic entrance at 4:30 pm
    3. Both entrances should be locked at 7pm
    4. Disinfect and set up chairs and take down chairs - disinfect at end of game
    5. Disinfect and set up scores table and disinfect at end of game
    6. Disinfect boys and girls locker rooms between games and at the end of varsity game.
    7. Disinfect boys and girls coaches office at end of game only.