Emergency Closings

  • During the school year it may be necessary for the Superintendent of Schools to close or delay school due to an emergency situation.  Inclement weather or another emergency may also necessitate an early dismissal or cancellation of all after school activities.  All parents/guardians must develop a plan for child supervision in case of such an event.  Each child should be prepared to carry out the plan; therefore, it is critical that it be reviewed in detail before an emergency situation occurs.  When school is closed or dismissed early, all use of school facilities is cancelled.  Closings, delays, early dismissals and other school activity cancellations due to emergencies are reported to the stations listed below as soon as the final decision is made.  Be sure to check more than one station for accuracy of information and be alert to deteriorating weather conditions throughout the day.


    Please do not call the school for information since phone lines need to be kept free for emergency communication.


    A process is in place for these stations to receive emergency/closing information as soon as the decision is made:


    Radio Stations:

    WHAM (1180 AM), WVOR (100.5), NERVE (95.1/95.5), KISS (107/106.7), WBEE (92.5), WARM (101.3 FM & 96 AM), WPXY 98 (97.9), WCMF (96.5), WZNE (94.1), WSYR (570), WHEN, WYYY, WBBS, WWHT, WPHR, WNYR (98.5), WLLW, WXXI (95.1 FM), WACK (1420)


    TV Stations:

    WHEC-TV (Ch.10), WSTM-TV (Ch. 3), R News-TV (Ch. 14), WROC-TV (Ch. 8), WOKR-TV (Ch. 13), WTVH-TV (Ch. 5)