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Learning Technology Grant

Three focus areas for our proposal are influenced by the Dual-Capacity Framework that guides us toward authentic family engagement, Community Schools approaches that encourage collaboration, and a Multi-Tiered System of Supports that focuses efforts on student needs.
  1. Develop cohorts of Learning Technology Professionals who will analyze successful instructional practices in order to create professional learning experiences to support and improve digital instructional and personalized learning methods. Coaching, PLCs, and Teaching Labs will provide educators with digital instruction and personalized learning professional development. 


  1. Implement a digital Early Warning System to support the MTSS process to identify and reduce the impact of post-COVID learning loss by analyzing data to determine learners at risk for skills deficiency or off-track for graduation and implementing evidence-based interventions. Cohorts sharpen skills for interventions based on data analysis and research-based practices. 


  1. Create Parent Learning Technology Liaisons positions in all six buildings. These liaisons will be the bridge between parents and the classrooms and will provide critical support in digital learning and technology platforms for parents to best support student learning by actively.