• Community Service

    UPDATED: 4/22/2019


    Good afternoon, Spartans!

    Below are current and upcoming community service opportunities. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Seniors need 20 hours of community service hours to graduate!!!

    Ms. Frazer




    Event: Girls Night Out

    Who: Brittany Riggs (Imprint Coffee)

    Date(s): April 25th, 2019 --- NEED volunteers by April 23rd!

    Time(s): 6:00-9:00 PM

    Where: TBA

    # of Students Needed: 2-4 students

    What: Junior or Senior students needed to help with the event.

    Supervisor Contact Info:  Brittany Riggs// 585-775-4838



    Event: Sectional Track Event

    Who: Mr. Stenglein

    Date(s): May 4th (Saturday)

    Time(s): 2:00 PM

    Where: Sodus Jr/Sr High School

    # of Students Needed: Anyone!

    What: Students are needed to help with events, ushering, and clean up. Students must be reliable, on-time, and ready to volunteer!

    Supervisor Contact Info:  Mr. Stenglein// jstenglein@soduscsd.org _______________________________________________________________________________________


    Event: Community Tours for Chamber of Commerce

    Who: Chamber of Commerce

    Date(s): ASAP

    Time(s): Anytime

    Where: Sodus Jr/Sr High school

    # of Students Needed: Anyone!

    What: Students are needed to help guide members of the community throughout the school.

    Supervisor Contact Info: Mr. Allen// aallen@soduscsd.org _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Event: Yardwork

    Who: Elizabeth Weigartz

    Date(s): ASAP

    Time(s): Anytime

    Where: 6789 Maple Avenue, Sodus

    # of Students Needed: 1-2 (come alone or bring a friend)

    What: Students are needed to help rake leaves, pick up branches, and to assist with general yardwork.

    Supervisor Contact Info:  Elizabeth Weigartz// 215-559-6074 (Leave a voicemail if no answer) ______________________________________________________________________________________


    Event: Donation Event

    Who: Lynda Robeson

    Date(s): ASAP

    Time(s): Thursdays and Saturday Mornings

    Where: TBA

    # of Students Needed: 1-2 (come alone or bring a friend)

    What: Students are needed to unload items for donations Supervisor Contact Info:  Lynda Robeson // Lessonlady@yahoo.com // 585-704-1479 _______________________________________________________________________________________


    Event: Community Hall Walking - Door Monitor

    Who: LiveLong Commit to Wellness

    Date(s): Mondays -Thursday

    Time(s): 5:30pm - 7:30pm

    Where: Jr./Sr. High School Main Lobby

    # of Students Needed: 1-2 (come alone or bring a friend)

    What: Earn two easy hours of community service! Starting October 15th, the school will be open to the community for indoor hall-walking. Students are needed to sit at a desk in the main lobby to: welcome community members, sign them in, answer questions, etc. Students are permitted to read or do homework during periods of inactivity.

    Supervisor Contact Info: Mr. Magin / mmagin@soduscsd.org ______________________________________________________________________________________

    Event: Math Volunteers for Mrs. Faulks' Algebra Classes and Learning Labs

    Who: Mrs. Faulks

    Date(s) & Time(s): Ongoing during Periods 1, 3, 4, 8, and 9 and during Periods 6BD and 7AC

    Where: Room 123

    # of Students Needed: Whoever is interested

    What: Students volunteers who want to help other students during math classes and math learning labs. All are algebra classes and labs! See Mrs. Faulks for more details and plan to meet with her prior to starting!

    Supervisor Contact Info: Mrs. Faulks/ lfaulks@soduscsd.org/ Room 123 _______________________________________________________________________________________

    Event: Foodlink Mobile Pantry

    Who: We need students over the age of 16 or any adult!

    Date(s): Wednesday, May 29th

    Time(s): 3:30 PM- 5:00 PM

    Where: Intermediate School Cafeteria

    # of Students Needed: All interested students who are over 16!

    What: Mr. Kise & Mrs. Rawden have various positions that need to be filled; parking lot attendants, set-up/tear down crew, unloader, table helpers, line monitors, shopper helpers, greeter, etc… Supervisor Contact Info: Mrs. Rawden/ krawden@soduscsd.org/ IS school




    Keri Frazer

    English 9

    Sodus Jr./Sr. High School

    Any students with a talent in art should also see Ms. Frazer ASAP for an opportunity to earn many hours!

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