• This handbook has been prepared as a reference to students and parents or guardians of students who participate in the Sodus Jr./Sr. High School extra-curricular and athletic programs, grades 7–12, in an effort to define the student’s and parents’ responsibilities as they pertain to the rules and regulations, as well as policies and procedures for participation in the extra-curricular and interscholastic athletic program in the Sodus Central School District.

    The opportunity to participate in extra-curricular programs in the Sodus Central School District is afforded to all eligible secondary school students in grades 7-12 as set forth in the Commissioner’s Regulations and the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Guidelines.  A student who participates in extra-curricular and interscholastic programs should recognize that they have an obligation to themselves, their schoolmates, and the school community to strive for excellence.  It is hoped that participation in extra-curricular activities will enable students to exercise self-discipline, self-control, mature judgment, and above all else, a sense of good sportsmanship.